5 Reasons to Learn and Speak Spanish on Your Yoga Holiday

Spanish lessons Ibiza

Yoga Chicas is offering a 'Just Say It' Spanish programme at selected retreats this year.

So in addition to our awesome yoga, meditation, pranayama and kriyas, we are going to help you get the most out of your yoga holiday by including a fun beginner Spanish class each day at selected retreats in June, where you just speak and can make sentences from day one. 

Here are 5 reasons to learn and speak Spanish on your yoga holiday:

1. You’ve always wanted to speak Spanish. Notice I put speak here and NOT learn another language. We have all learnt languages before!

2. Classes are just 30 minutes a day. Just speak it, no writing (unless you feel compelled to). There will be just five days of classes.

3. You will be able to speak sentences on your first day. Remember, you already know some Spanish. Hola. Buenas Dias. Fiesta. Siesta. Despacito!

4. Imagine the confidence when you go to the market and you can help us buy produce, or buy ferry tickets, or buy a round of drinks...all within a week. Where better to get practice but in Spain?

5. Line yourself up for that Spanish course next winter and understand what they are talking about. Also included is a package of the work we will have covered during the week, so when you get home you can reflect on what you have learnt and build on that learning. We will also give you some tips on this.

This is a true beginner class. No experience is required. If you have remnants of some long ago Spanish that would be fine too. This is not for people who have Spanish knowledge and can speak Spanish already you can laze by the pool....or use your Spanish in the local town...or at the beach...the local markets...endless opportunities to use your Spanish.

So that’s it. Be able to communicate in Spanish in 5 days in just 30 minutes a day. How awesome is that yogis?

Michaela OlexovaComment